Tickets from Euroteam - your own risk

Here is a description of how it works (or not actually), when you buy tickets from Euroteam. Note, you can get lucky and get your tickets, but this has happened frequently:

You order your tickets in good time, and pay your money to Euroteam.
Euroteam doesn't have the tickets but will try to source them for you.
If they get them cheaper than what you paid for them, will get your tickets. If prices are higher on the market, you have a problem! Euroteam will then not buy you any tickets.
Euroteam will continously push forward the time of delivery all the way to that you will get them outside jut before the event. You will get explanations that they are travelling to hotels delivering, and "you will get them soon". Then you are likely to get the message that they have failed to get you any tickets, in the last minute.
You have travelled to got to an event, have taken all the cost for this, and have no other chance of getting any tickets. The cost of travel hotel etc and pain of missing the event you wanted to see are yours to suck up.

If you are lucky, you will get your money back after a lot of processing and a lot of time. I have not heard of anybody getting any compenstion for all other cost. Money back for the tickets - at best.

Euroteam will in the worst case, for them, have "borrowed" your money for a few months before paying them back to you (or keeping them in some cases). The best case is that they find the tickets cheap and sell them to you with a profit.

But the risk is all yours, and Euroteam just fails to deliver if they are not making a profit on what they sold you.

torsdag 21 oktober 2010

Euroteam Concert Tickets

Euroteam does not only sell ticket to sporting events. They also sell ticket for concerts etc.

After getting comments here, I have now understood that Euroteam is cheating people also on concert tickets. They get the money early in a payment, but never deliver any tickets. If you are lucky, Euroteam might refund you. But you have been without your money for a long time, and you have bought flights, hotels etc. And you do get utterly dissapointed.

Stay away from buying Euroteam concert tickets. It is a fraud!

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  1. ROME U2 concert 8.10.2010
    We received message at 21:00 with rendezvous point and concert after 2 hrs of beginning of the concert (19:00 official start).
    After we found the rendezvous point and sign we didn't get the 3 ordered tickets with excuse that we should wait his colleague to brought the tickets
    While we were waiting for tickets we were wittiness of crime where contact girl supported but 5 young guys were using same 5-6 passes to insert group by group of people.
    We requested return of our money which they agree.
    After that we haven't heard anything of beside we write and call them couple of times.

    Please all should report this scam company here

  2. Do they offer Tickets for London Olympic 2012?

    I would like to know.

  3. We recently had a very similar experience after my husband purchased French Open tickets from Euroteam, and we even postponed our honeymoon to Paris to attend the Open and planned events while in Paris around the day we were supposed to attend. Unfortunately, even though we were reassured just a couple of days before the tournament (the day we were leaving the U.S. to fly to Paris) by Euroteam that we would receive the tickets via email, we did not ever receive them. We did get 2 emails around the same time we should have been at the tennis tournament and a couple of voicemails left back in the U.S. on the day of the tournament stating Euroteam was not able to get tickets transferred to our name (he purchased the tickets back in February, so not a very good excuse and not sure why they would still be trying to transfer tickets he purchased months before into our names).

    It sounds like a lot of people have had similar problems and after reading up on the company it appears that it has been going on for years. I'm an attorney in Florida and I have written to Euroteam and so far haven't received a response. It's simply not acceptable that a company is allowed to continue these practices.

    If you would like to share your personal experiences so we can try to do something to prevent this from happening to others in the future, please email me at:
    (don't forget the "dot" after the word Problems and With when sending the email)

  4. We had the same problem with the Bruce Springsteen show in Gothenburg. We've bought the tickets in November. Two days before the event (when we were in Sweden, with the flights, hotels and rent car paid) the told us that there was no tickets. In fact, they told us Euroteam never got these tickets.

    It's a fraud.