Tickets from Euroteam - your own risk

Here is a description of how it works (or not actually), when you buy tickets from Euroteam. Note, you can get lucky and get your tickets, but this has happened frequently:

You order your tickets in good time, and pay your money to Euroteam.
Euroteam doesn't have the tickets but will try to source them for you.
If they get them cheaper than what you paid for them, will get your tickets. If prices are higher on the market, you have a problem! Euroteam will then not buy you any tickets.
Euroteam will continously push forward the time of delivery all the way to that you will get them outside jut before the event. You will get explanations that they are travelling to hotels delivering, and "you will get them soon". Then you are likely to get the message that they have failed to get you any tickets, in the last minute.
You have travelled to got to an event, have taken all the cost for this, and have no other chance of getting any tickets. The cost of travel hotel etc and pain of missing the event you wanted to see are yours to suck up.

If you are lucky, you will get your money back after a lot of processing and a lot of time. I have not heard of anybody getting any compenstion for all other cost. Money back for the tickets - at best.

Euroteam will in the worst case, for them, have "borrowed" your money for a few months before paying them back to you (or keeping them in some cases). The best case is that they find the tickets cheap and sell them to you with a profit.

But the risk is all yours, and Euroteam just fails to deliver if they are not making a profit on what they sold you.

onsdag 20 juli 2011

How to report Euroteam ticket scams

I did find this very helpful page from The European Consumer Center in Norway: Forbruker Europa Euroteam
(Edit: this page is down, but I think you still can find help from the Norway Authorties. See here.)

They describe the issues they are having with Euroteam, and how you could go about reporting them. Be warned though, it is a cumbersom process that takes time. Especially since Euroteam is stalling the process, and hopes the consumer gives up.

But if you do get scammed on tickets by Euroteam - do report it as the site recommends!

And check if your insurance company can help you.

Good Luck!